Sell your monthly recurring revenues for a year in advance and get upfront cash today.

As if all your customers turned to annual subscriptions.

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Pull your cash flow to today by turning your MRR into ARR.

  • Sell your monthly recurring revenues in advance
  • Get upfront cash same day
  • No more discounted annual plans
  • No more debt
  • No more share dilution
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Accept live bids, sell your MRR, get cash today.

  • Create an account at BRIDG
  • List all invoices you want to sell
  • Receive live bids from investors
  • Click sell to get payout same day
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Trading monthly recurring revenues.

  • Discounting revenues means discounting valuation. SaaS companies lose up to 35% revenues and valuation by pushing their customers into discounted annual subscriptions. Worse, they lose profitability along the way. And selling shares cost them millions and brings dilution. Venture Debt is expensive and often comes with Warrants that is even more expensive.
    Companies sell their recurring revenues on BRIDG for an average discount of 3-8%.

We promise easy integration with your business.

  • You can connect your revenue manager, your bank account or accounting tools to make your BRIDG experience seamless.

No more discounts
No more dilution
No more debt

Just pull your own Cash Flow forward by selling your MRRs to institutional investors.
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